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Off Grid Tie Solar System..

Application Details

Off Grid residential PV systems are solar powered backup systems for your home that have extra-high capacity battery banks to provide long lasting power to your most important appliances when you need them.

Your residential PV kit comes with a high-powered battery backup system (which provides emergency load power for your home even when the electric grid is down during emergency situations). Grid-tie systems cannot provide power directly to your house during a power outage due to safety regulations, but an off-grid residential kit is available for your use at any time.

Starting with high-efficiency solar panels, your pre-packaged residential solar system will include:

o High-efficiency solar panels
o Charge controller
o High-capacity battery backup bank
o Professional-grade DC-AC inverter
o Pre-cut wiring and combiners
o Backup generator (optional, but recommended)
For more additional information on each system component, please see the in depth breakdown below.