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EPS Projects..

Planning solar projects, pv installation and full support

Competence and experience

We make full use of our experience in the areas of technology & service & our strong partnerships with leading manufacturers. We provide our customers with full support, from consulting, through planning and pv installation, to system start-up. We are the ideal and ongoing partner for photovoltaic projects in Pakistan.


• Advice with a practical orientation and inspection of the property
• Calculation of the potential usable area
• Detailed technical planning and development of an individual technical concept
• PV installation of the assembly system, modules, inverters, and data communication system
• Installation of DC and AC cables
• Connection of all components
• Commissioning and start-up of the complete pv installation
• Our photovoltaic project management
• Establishment and coordination of the project team
• Project planning and coordination of all dates and milestones with the person responsible
• On-time project monitoring and control of the construction
• Compliance with deadlines and acceptance inspections
• Reporting and documentation
• Organization of regular project meetings with log reports


Our competencies are reflected in the consulting services from highly qualified staff, engineers and technicians and in the comprehensive support from your contact in the sales department. Our customers benefit from our extensive, manufacturer-independent product portfolio, expert technical staff, our customer-focused quality assurance. Visram Golden Solar has outstanding knowledge in the areas of system planning, pv installation and calculating yields in the area of photovoltaics throughout Pakistan and on an international scale.


Visram Golden Solar acts as the general contractor in projects. Visram Golden Solar assumes responsibility for the complete project; in other words, planning and pv installation of the system, and handover ready for operation. The different factors affecting yield, such as location, shadow, dirt, choice of module and inverter design, are considered appropriately in the planning and are very important for the subsequent yield from the pv installation. When the project has been accepted and the photovoltaic system has been handed over, naturally you can expect continued, trusting cooperation in terms of service and support.