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Our mission evolved to provide affordable, green energy to. Middle Eastern Countries Visram offers high quality solar electrical systems to Middle Eastern Countries at reasonable prices to help make affordable power available to every community in the Middle East, regardless of economic conditions.

Visram Golden Solar will also work with its partners in Pakistan to facilitate installation. Visram Golden Solar offers extensive services to its customers. We begin each project by acquiring a thorough understanding of our client’s objectives for their proposed project. Based on these objectives, Visram Golden Solar will prepare an intelligent, cost-effective proposal to meet the client’s goals and time schedule, and will prepare the required documents for submittal to the respective regulatory agency. Visram Golden Solar is well-versed in applying the appropriate regulations to our client’s projects. Our staff has the necessary skills, licenses and certifications to perform these tasks in accordance with the acceptable practices.

Visram Golden Solar will act as a team lead among its U.S. and Pakistan partners for the marketing, installation and financing of solar panel kits in the Middle East, especially Pakistan. Project financing resource partners include