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Visram Golden Solar America is a Sole proprietor ship established in California for the purposes of exporting solar electrical systems. Visram offers high quality solar electrical systems to Middle Eastern countries at reasonable prices to allow affordable power to every community in the Middle East, regardless of economic conditions.

In 2011, we expanded our business to pakistan, one of the booming solar markets in the country with abundant sunshine, air-conditioning driven peak loads, a fast growing population. VGS provides high performance utility-scale and distributed generation systems as well as Power Purchase Agreements to utilities, developers, municipalities, educational institutions and commercial customers.

We are active on a national level, pursuing both turnkey and investor-funded projects.

To date, we have numerous completed and ongoing projects besides our recently launched U.S. distribution business to offer solar modules dolor repellendus.

VGS USA specializes in the full lifecycle of: Commercial solar projects, including development, construction, financing, operation and maintenance.